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Waterton Lakes National Park

What to visit?

Waterton Lakes National Park forms the Canadian portion of the Rocky Mountains that straddle both the Continental Divide and the Canada-United States border in the provice of Alberta and the State of Montana. This incredible area contains numerous mountains, glaciers, and over a hundred pristine lakes. It is more than a route over the Mountains: it is the Northern transcontinental train route for the Burlington Nothern & Santa Fe Railroad and for Amtrak. Yes passenger service is available for Glacier National Park just to the South. This is a path used to the development of the Northwestern United Satates with direct rail links to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. The area has been home to Indigenous First Nation peoples for thousands of years and many continue to live here just ouside the Park: The Blackfeet live to the East of the Continental Divide and the Kootenai to the west of the Divide. In the late 19th century gold had been found in the western mountains.

How to get to the Park?

Most travellers today, come South from Calgary, Alberta via Routes, 2, 3 and 6. Those travellers arriving from the United States take Montana Highway 89 from St Mary to Route 17 and the border then Alberta Route 6 to the Waterton Village entrance. The Parks Canada gate is just off Route 6. For Rail connections to Glacier National Park see Amtrak .

Where to stay?

Campsites are available in Waterton Village and Crandall Mountain. The most desirable hotel is the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel. Various hotels and Inns can be found in Waterton.


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