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Parks Canada Rideau Canal: Ottawa-Kingston

What to visit?

Ottawa : It all begins with Pariament Hill . Start with the Parliament Buildings to tour the city. If you have come by boat (everything from a canoe to a large yacht) you can come to the center of Ottawa via the Rideau Canal itself a National Historic site that is some 126 miles long with 45 locks and 24 lock stations. Each lock station (with the exception of downtown Ottawa and Smith Falls) accepts campers and boaters alike. The Carlton University setting in Ottawa is particularly attactive due to its location and access to the bike paths , the Dominion Arboretum, the Ornamental Gardens , and the Canadian Agricultural and Food Museum nearby.

When in Ottawa a not to miss site is the Canadian Museum of History just over the bridge over the Ottawa River in Gatineau. There are numerous other museums in town covering art, aviation and war.


Kingston : This former capital city is a vibrant University center as well as a training center for Canada's military. It marks the end of the Rideau Canal and the begining of the St. Lawrence River as well as the Eastern end of lake Ontario . Fort Henry guards access to all. There is much to do here and the visitor's center on the waterfront is the best place to begin. The St. Lawrence Commission has much to offer in terms of parks and history. The very walkable downtown is filled with quaint shops, pubs and fantastic restaurants.


How to get to the Park?

ACCESS: Train service is available to both Ottawa and Kingston by Via Rail Canada . Ottawa is served by Air through Ottawa International Airport. The Trans Canada Highway (Route 417) passes through Ottawa while Route 401 passes through Kingston. Bus service is also availble to both cities.

Where to stay?

ACCOMODATIONS: Camping is available at Parks Canada locations at the Rideau Canal locks Betwwen Ottawa and Kingston. Numerous private campgrounds are avaialble as well as hotels, inns and bed and breakfast locations.

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