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North Cascades National Park

Where is this Park?

America's most rugged and remote wilderness outside of Alaska is found here. This Park sits at the top of the Cascade Mountains at the Canadian border in Washington. Its mountain range contains over 300 glaciers and much of the same flora and fauna that was here 400 years ago. The area is filled with wildlife, several large lakes, and is the source of several rivers and the Northern part of the Pacific Crest Trail.

How to get to the Park?

ACCESS: Drive up from Seattle on Highways 5, 530 and 20 past Mount Baker for the West entrance near Marblemount. Continue on Route 20, also known as the North Cascades Highway, into the heart of the Park. Wilderness hikers should first stop at the North Cascades National Park Wilderness Information Center in Marblemount. A side trip here brings you into one of the best hikes in the Park: Follow the Cascade River Road to the trailhead for the the hike up 5,392 foot Cascade Pass. This is a trail long used by fur traders and Native Americans. Further along the North Cascades Highway is the Ross Lake National Recreation Area where hotels, campgrounds and tours are available. Alternatively enter the Park from the South, from Seattle on Highways 405, 522, 2 and alt 97 or 97 to Chelan. From Chelan the park is accessible only by boat via The Lady of the Lake . The Lady of the Lake takes you from Chelan to Stehekin and the Golden West Visitor Center. The Park Service operates a shuttle bus giving access to campgrounds and trailheads. Lodging, food, horseback riding and guided tours are available. Commercial air service is through Whitefish at Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Car rental from the airport gives you the best access to the many Park attractions.

Train service is available via Amtrak on the Empire Builder through Seattle, Washington, or Chicago, Illinois. Link bus service is available from Wenachee to Chelan.

Where to stay?

ACCOMOCATIONS: There are two lodges at the Northern end of Lake Chelan. North Cascades Lodge ,, and Silver Bay Inn ,, at Stehekin. In the Ross Lake area stay at Ross Lake Resort . Note the park trail map for wilderness hiking and camping.

For a wilder experience, you also have the option of camping ! The park has more than many campgrounds! Register online at North Cascades Camping to reserve a spot at one of the reservation campgrounds. Campgrounds outside the Park.

How to get around?

Tours are available from the Campgrounds and the Lodges. Shuttles are available: North Cascades Lodge offers the Red Bus Tours and Shuttles through the Park .

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