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Katahdin Woods and Waters National Mounument

What to visit?

Katahdin is Maine’s highest peak and breathtakingly beautiful. Henry David Thoreau was in awe when he passed through here in the 19th century and even wrote a book, The Maine Woods, about travelling here by canoe and on foot. Canoeing and Kayaking can be done on the East branch of the Penobscot River that flows through most of the area. There are many hiking trails . The Katahdin Loop Road offers splendid views and is a highlight.

The Monument has two Welcome centers: One is located in nearby Millinocket on Main Street and the second is located at the Lumberman's Museum at 61 Shin Pond Road in Patten. Booking.com

The Monument Welcome center is located in nearby Millinocket on Main Street. It is near the Appalachian Trail Café where you will find many hikers. Just up the street is the Northern Light, a wonderful art gallery exhibiting impressions of this area.

Camping: Baxter State Park has several campgrounds and many trails. The Monument has several primitive campsites .

Where to Stay?

Hikers are welcomed at the Appalachian Trail Lodge.

Find the best lodging near this National Park such as Big Moose Inn and the Gateway Inn. The Katahdin Valley Motel is near the North entrance.

How to get to the Monument?

Access to the Monument is by car from Maine Route 11 or Interstate Route 95. Please see the National Park website for details. Katahdin Woods and Waters National Mounument

Climbing Mount Katahdin is done through Baxter State Park by reservation. To start up climbyou need to register with the Baxter State Paark Rangers. This mountain deserves your respect due to changing weather conditions and challenging terrain whether you are on the Knife Edge trail or on Cathedral Trail.

Mt. Katahdin approaches

Loop Road

East Branch of the Penobscot River

East Branch of the Penobscot River

East Branch of the Penobscot River Access Bridge

Mt. Katahdin

Mt. Katahdin

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Just up Main Street from the Monument Welcome Center in Millinocket is the Woods and Water Shop, part of the New England Outdoor Center (offering white water rafting and wildlife tours).