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Glacier National Park : Parks Canada

What to visit?

There is plenty to see and do here with 131 glaciers on these Mountains Peaks in the 3000 meter range. There are extensive frontcountry and backcountry hiking trails. Giant old growth cedar trees are found here. Roaring streams begin here to become part of the Columbia River.

How to get to the Park?

Glacier is West of Yoho Nationl Park and was created soon after the completion of the transcontinental railroad that goes through it. It is here that the final spike was driven completing the transcontinental railroad linking Canada from East to West. In fact it lies in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the key passage through them at Roger's Pass. The Pass is named after an actual engineer who explored and planned the route for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. It is also the Route of the Trans Canada Highway (Route 1). The Visitor's Center is here at Roger's Pass and the views are incredible. Special engineering has taken place here to protect both the railroad and the highway from avalanches by way of snow sheds and protective structures due to the incredibly steep slopes here. Trains disappear into the longest tunnels in North America under Mount Macdonald to avoid the worst area. The original rail route that went through the pass is now a hiking trail. The railway history here is significant since the Park's first hotel was built here by the Canadain Pacific Railroad: Glacier House. This alpine hotel was a twin to the Mount Stephen House built in Yoho National Park. Both became luxurious mountain hotels to welcome weary travellers and alpine enthusiasts. Also, restaurants were needed as it was impossible for the steam locomotives to carry heavy dinning cars up the steep grades.

Access by car via Trans-Canada Highway Route 1. Glacier is accessible via Greyhound bus . By Air travel to Calgary and rent a car (Enterprise Rent-a car) to access the Park. Rail to Glacier is by Rocky Mountaineer .

Where to stay?

Accomodations: Camping: Glacier National Park has 3 campgrounds in season: Mount Sir Donald, Loop Brook and Illicillet. Backcountry sites are also available.

Hotels: There are no hotels today in Glacier National Park.

Glacier Campgrounds

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