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Forillion National Park : Parks Canada

What to visit?

Begin at the Penouille Visitor Center (South Entrance open 23 June through 8 October) or the Visitor Center at Anse-au-Griffon (North Entrance open 23 June through 3 September). Hiking adventures culminate in an incredible view from the top of a tall wooden tower on Mont-Saint- cAlban. The views are unbelievable with Gaspé Bay and Percé Rock to the South, the St. Lawrence River to the North, and the wide open Gulf of St. Lawrence to the East. Bring at least a liter of water per person! This 7.2 km. loop should take about 3 hours and is moderate in intensity. Bring a bell or sing to ward of the black bears as you hike the forested trails. Stop by the fishing port of Grande Grave with its historic general store from back when this spot was a quaint fishing village. Re-enactors are often present. This port also has kayaking and whales watching opportunities. Another great trail brings you to the tip of the Appalachian Mountains , the end of the Canadian portion of the International Appalachian Trial , and the end of the world at Cap-Gaspé with its lighthouse some 352 feet above the sea. Note that this trial is 14.5 km. and takes 4-5 hours but the trail runs alongside the by where one often observes whales, seals and even dolphins . There are other nearby trails for biking and horseback riding .

How to get to the Park?

Access is by car via Quebec Route 132. Gaspé is accessible via Orleans Express. Bike or rent a car (Enterprise Rent-a car) to access the Park. “Via Rail” to Gaspé is still suspended following storm damage to the railway.

Where to eat?

In the cute little nearby village of Gaspé you’ll find great restaurants, shops, a marina, several motels, a chocolate/ice cream shop, a museum, and a truly magical place called Le Café des Artistes. Excellent seafood is found in the village of Riviere au Renard (A major commercial fishing harbor). Park food concessions are located at the main campgrounds, and snack bars are found at the Visitor Centers




Tower: Mont-Saint-Albans

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