Denali National Park and Preserve Guide 2020 : National Parks Navigator

Denali National Park and Preserve

What to visit?

Denali is one of the most beautiful and strange national parks on the planet. There is the 20,310 foot mountain itself. While other, more accessible parks feel more like country clubs than wild places, Denali has retained its stark beauty. There’s just one road that goes all the way through the park. Cars can go up to a certain point and then the only vehicle that can go further is the official national parks shuttle. When I first heard this I thought it sounded annoying and weirdly closed-off but, believe me, it’s awesome. Go and see for yourself!

How to get to the Park?


If coming by car, or RV, drive to the entrance on Alaska Route 3, mile marker 237.

Bus service is available from May 20 to mid-September. - Denali official planning.

Train service is via the Alaska Railroad from Fairbanks or Anchorage. The train operates year round.

Where to stay?


Camping is avaialble in various forms.

Riley Creek campground is near the Visitor Center and the Bus Shuttle Center.

Camp Denali— stay in a cozy log cabin! With a shower! And not too far off, there’s a nice restaurant!


-Riley Creek (mile 0.25; open year-round) -Savage River (mile 14; open summer only) -Sanctuary River (mile 22; open summer only) -Teklanika River (mile 29; summer only) -Igloo Creek (mile 35; summer only; tents only) -Wonder Lake (mile 85; summer only; tents only)

Campgounds are also available outside of the Park.

How to get around?

-Air taxi!

-Take the shuttle around the park … This is really the only way to see the park. The shuttle stops at the most gorgeous spots so you can get off and stroll around. -Walk the trails… There aren’t many, but you can make your own! (Be safe but have fun!!) -Drive (you can drive as far as Savage River mile 14) -Watch baddass rangers go dogsledding! The dogs deliver research supplies into the wilderness . Denali is the only national park with a working dogsled team!!

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