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Cape Cod National Seashore

What to visit?

The National Seashore itself is fantastic! Start at the Visitor Center in Eastham on Route 6. Favorite beaches are Marconi Beach in Wellfleet and Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. There are also several ponds, known as kettle holes for freshwater swimming.

Birdwatching is big here. Cape Cod is an important stopover location for migrating birds. (You will be VERY happy with all the different sorts of birds to see, by the way! Stop every two minutes to listen, ogle, and take photos.) The Wildlife Sanctuary is a superb place to visit with beaches, marsh and forest.

How to get around?

Cars access is via the main highway Routes 6 and 28. The main bike path runs down the middle of the Cape (an old railroad line) with side trails to beaches and other points of interest.

Whalewatching is avaialble on tour boats based in Barnstable and Provincetown. The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary is just off the coast. The sanctuary's waters draw humpback whales, right whales and dolphins each summer to feed and nurse their young. Hop on a whale watching tour or dive into the water to see all this amazing sanctuary has to offer!

Where to Stay?

Find the best hotels near this National Park such as Wellfleet Motel and the Sheraton Eastham.

The National Park has no campgrounds of its own but many private campgrounds exist on the Cape as well as nearby Nickerson State Park. It and others are conveniently located along the Bikepath.

Where to eat?

Dine at the fabulous Van Rensselaer's Wellfleet Restaurant and Raw Bar. Their salad bar is inexpensive, fresh, a little different every day, and delicious. The vibe is cozy and clean—with many windows, plants, and orangey lights. Plus everyone who works there is genuinely nice. The owners go around greeting everybody, and always remember people who have been there before. The Box Lunch is also a great stop for faster food. Provincetown has many excellent restaurants to choose from.

Marconi Beach

Marconi Beach

Marconi Beach

Marconi Beach

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Coast Guard Beach

Eastham Route 6 Shop

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